The Knowledge You Need... At the Price You Want.

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The Knowledge You Need... At the Price You Want.

With our Place Your Bid! button putting the power in your hands, Illuminositi's gives you the ability to attend the courses necessary for your personal and professional growth—at significant discounts up to 60%—with the same national vendors and local trainers you already know, trust and use.

And for course vendors? We empower you to increase your revenues and profits by recovering fixed costs lost to delivering classes with empty seats. Adding it right back to your bottom line.

The Advantage

Career Advancement/

When you need to take a course to hone your skills or switch careers, BooqSmart gives you the power to get the best possible price.

Professional Continuing

Busy? No time to research? Now you can search courses easily, quickly compare options and find the course that’s right for you, fast.

Corporate Training

If you’re sending employees to a training course, Place Your Bid can have local providers competing for your business 

Ready to Try BooqSmart?

You won’t believe how simple it is to search for courses, Place Your Bid, and have schools and providers competing over you for your business—at discounts of up to 60%.

Right now,—home of the Place Your Bid!TM discounted booking platform—is in public beta, and we are allowing select people to engage in transactions. So we encourage you to visit the website and create an account. Use the site... see the functionality, experience the ease of use… and maybe even book a course. 

Click below and you'll see for yourself how fast and easy it is to get the knowledge you need, at the price you want, with

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